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5,000,000 little voices are crying out…and One Small Still Voice is calling! If you hear the voices, you can be involved in this glorious, mighty, overwhelming work by:


This work, in process since 2008, is mightily opposed by the forces of darkness which are deeply entrenched in this ancient land that is a stronghold of the enemy of our soul.

Every step we have taken thus far has been fiercely opposed. 1 Cor 16:9
Prayer is how we fight in the battle that belongs to the Lord Eph 6:10-18 2 Cor 10:3-5

Your faithful and fervent prayer is not just coveted, it is needed to beat back the forces of darkness and rescue for all eternity as many of these children as we can!

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As stewards of the Owner of the earth and the fullness thereof, we are called to be faithful. We are to use that which the Lord has entrusted with us for His glory, not our self-indulgence.

The building of this home, and its subsequent on-going operation, will happen in accordance with the faithful giving of God’s stewards.

The beautiful and abandoned children of the Middle East are a most worthy investment with a Heavenly ROI!

Matt 6:19-21  Luke 6:38   Prov 11:25   2 Cor 9:6-7

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When we share this human tragedy with people, it is almost surreal to them. The factors contributing to the reality of the plight of these children defy human reasoning and compassion. Yet both these children and their plight are VERY real…real every day.

You can get involved in this ministry by sharing this website and the “Beautiful and Abandoned” You Tube with people you know and love. Together, we will watch God answer the cries of the children of the Middle East!

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