The work of Still Waters Ministries is a work of faith...and a daily spiritual battle.  Prayer Requests and Ministry Updates are posted in this Newsletter section. To receive notification of a Newsletter post, please Subscribe below.  Your prayers are coveted for and essential to this work.

Critical Juncture

Progress has been made on the construction of the wall but we are at a critical juncture. A one meter deep trench has been dug around the entire perimeter of the property (850 meteres).  Into that trech will go the foundation for the wall – a layer of sand, a layer of rocks, and a layer of concrete. Progress is painfully …

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Wall Construction

  To protect the people, property, and physical assets of the Still Waters Ministries site from thieves, robbers, and other bad guys running amuck in Egypt, a 3 meter (approx 9 foot) brick security wall must be built around the entire perimeter of the land.  This wall is of premier importance moving forward.  Last October, Still Waters Ministries submitted an application with …

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License to Build

At the risk of understatement, the post-revolution and pre-constitutional Government in Egypt is non-responsive.  Yet the Lord of hosts moves and fights for us. Mos has been encouraged by your prayer support and, with a tenacity and toughness that are admirable, has accomplished a very significant legal task in these difficult and uncertain times.  He and a lawyer went to the local government office …

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