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Being a child is dangerous in every nation and region of the world.  The weakest and most defenseless among us are the most vulnerable to Satan’s wrath.  Abortion, human organ trafficking, human trafficking, and sex trafficking take a horrific toll on the world’s children.  One region of the world is particularly dangerous for these precious lives – the Middle East.  …

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Starts and Stops and Marching

Brethren,   My most sincere apologies for the lapse in Updates since my last Post.  The reality is that the political confusion and turmoil in the Middle East has frustrated any forward progress.   The Middle East is financially fragile and vulnerable.  Order is now replacing lawlessness but confusion remains.  With each subsequent regime comes new rules and regulations;  each …

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Warriors, Given the political realities of the last post, we are re-directing our efforts in the region.  We are going to start farming the land. To deter the criminal element in the area, we had hoped to build a perimeter fence to protect persons and property during construction of the home.  However the Government’s decree mentioned in the last post …

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