The work of Still Waters Ministries is a work of faith...and a daily spiritual battle.  Prayer Requests and Ministry Updates are posted in this Newsletter section. To receive notification of a Newsletter post, please Subscribe below.  Your prayers are coveted for and essential to this work.

God’s hand of protection

This testimony is about God’s amazing protection, often times completely invisible to us.   We are blessed with a courageous warrior to work the Government licensing process and to work the land upon which we will build a children’s home.  His name is Peter.  We are also blessed with a very good work truck for the work in the land. …

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The power of Forgiveness

In the previous update I mentioned an energetic and courageous young Christian woman who lovingly teaches 40 children who otherwise would not receive an education.  As I mentioned, she teaches the children math, reading, writing, and crafts.   We are not allowed to teach Biblical Christianity out rightly so we teach reading and writing using Bible stories, wisely changing story …

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Teaching and feeding children in a nation at war

While we persevere with licensing with the Government, the ministry to the children continues to be nurtured in an incubator, if you will.  A young Christian woman energetically teaches 40 elementary aged children from impoverished families who otherwise would not be receiving any education.  She teaches math, reading, writing, and crafts.   We also provide daily snacks and one warm …

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