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How to get our truck back on the road

Warriors, Our truck, so needed for the work on the land yet sidelined all these months, was properly registered – the VIN on the truck matched the paperwork filed with the Government.  Then the truck had repair work and the mechanic damaged the VIN plate on the truck.  Now, in the eyes of the Government, our truck looks stolen.  Hence …

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Please pray and fast: truck, wall, and the enemy

We covet your prayers and fasting for the following needs: 1.  The Almighty’s hand in resolving the truck licensing issue so we may again use the truck.  “Peter” is not afraid to use it, knowing his life is in God’s hands.  And the security situation with this new Government is far better than it’s predecessors’. 2.  The Good Shepherd’s leading …

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Running the Gauntlet of Government halls

In previous updates I have mentioned the changes in Governments during the Arab Spring that has created so much trouble for us in resuming our work in the land upon which we will build a children’s home.  I also mentioned God’s protection of our courageous brother Peter.   Taken those updates together we know: We will proceed as the Lord …

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