Being a child is dangerous in every nation and region of the world.  The weakest and most defenseless among us are the most vulnerable to Satan’s wrath.  Abortion, human organ trafficking, human trafficking, and sex trafficking take a horrific toll on the world’s children.  One region of the world is particularly dangerous for these precious lives – the Middle East.  The children are the reason why we have been called by the Lord to minister in the Middle East.


We recently spoke with a family living in the Middle East.  Their story, their reality, is not uncommon, but terrifying nonetheless.  The family consists of two parents and three children.  But only the two parents and two children remain together.  ISIS kidnapped the youngest child, a 3-year old girl, demanding the parents to “just walk away” or face all three of their children being kidnapped.  Faced with this unthinkable decision, the parents fled with their other two children, leaving their 3-year old daughter in the hands of monsters.  Their guilt and torment was excruciating when we spoke with them.  It undoubtedly still is.  It undoubtedly will always be.


Many if not most families living in the Middle East expect this kind of trouble to come to their doorstep soon.  Help does not come from the governments in the Middle East;  military and commercial budgets bloat while budgets for social needs evaporate.


Our heart’s desire is to help the children of the Middle East.  We cannot turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the cries of the children we have seen and heard.  They need the very basics – food, shelter, and protection.  Will you help us help them?  Will you pray for little faces you have not seen?  Will you hear their cries?


Please Reply to this email if you are willing to help in any way, be it to pray or be it to give of the resources the Lord has given you.  Every child matters, every day counts.

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