The power of Forgiveness

The power of Forgiveness

In the previous update I mentioned an energetic and courageous young Christian woman who lovingly teaches 40 children who otherwise would not receive an education.  As I mentioned, she teaches the children math, reading, writing, and crafts.


We are not allowed to teach Biblical Christianity out rightly so we teach reading and writing using Bible stories, wisely changing story details to stay under the radar.  And fruit is being borne!


One of the 40 children we minister to is named “Susan.”  I will get back to her momentarily.


In the city where we minister lives a woman named “Betty.”  Betty has a 12-year old daughter named “Diane.”  Diane in recent months grew increasingly rebellious and defiant of her mother’s authority.  The mother and daughter fought fiercely and continuously.  Finally, Betty had enough and threw her daughter Diane out of the house and into the street.  The streets are very dangerous places for children, especially girls.  Gangs of rapists prowl the streets looking for girls in the situation in which Diane found herself.


A Christian learned what had happened to Diane so he rescued her from the streets and placed her in a nearby home.  Diane rebelled fiercely against their authority as well.  Her presence in that orphanage was so disruptive that they asked the Christian to take her elsewhere.  The Christian looked and looked but could not find any orphanages willing to “tackle” Diane.  He finally was able to place her in a Government-run orphanage.


Enter Susan.  By Divine Providence, Susan met Betty one day in a market.  Somehow the conversation turned to the meltdown with Diane.  Susan gently and respectfully repeated to Betty a story of forgiveness (from the Bible) she had learned from our teacher.  Betty’s heart was broken and convicted.  After her encounter with Susan, Betty found the Christian that had rescued Diane off the streets and told him through tears that she wanted to be reconciled with her daughter.  He asked her what changed her mind.  She replied, “A girl named Susan who goes to school at _____ told me a story of forgiveness.”


The Christian (who had not ministered to either Betty or Diane with the Word of God) went to the orphanage, retrieved Diane, and brought her home to her mother.


A Bible story shared by our teacher was used by the Lord to soften the hearts of a mother, a daughter, and a Christian.


Will you prayerfully and/or financially participate with us in this ministry to shine the Light is a dark, dark nation?

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