The Holy Spirit is Moving, Part 3

The Holy Spirit is Moving, Part 3

This is the third of three testimonies of the working of the Holy Spirit in the land into which we have been called.  

A sister in the Lord, I will call her Mariam, recently took her mother to a large cancer hospital for a surgical procedure;  her mother has breast cancer.  Once they registered, Mariam’s mother was assigned a bed in a large room filled with many beds, all of which were occupied by Muslim women.  Also a follower of Jesus Christ, Mariam’s mother suggested to her daughter that they sing and pray.  And so our two Christian sisters did, rejoicing in the Lord and thankful for what He was going to do, whatever that might be.

All the other patients took notice of this “odd” occurrence in their midst.  Curious, several of the other patients (OP) approached Mariam and her mother (MaM).

OP:  “What does this singing mean?  Are you happy?”

MaM:  “Yes, we are happy!”

OP:  “Do you have cancer?”

Mam:  “Yes.”

OP:  “How can you be happy?”

So, Mariam’s mother shared her faith in Jesus Christ with the fearful female cancer patients in that room.  She shared words of comfort, encouragement, and edification from the Bible.  When she was done shining her light in a very dark place, the other cancer patients, Muslims all, stood in line to be prayed for by Mariam and her mother!  The other patients expressed their profound gratitude for Mariam’s mother’s prayers, saying her prayer gave them hope when they had no hope.  And this hope spread to other floors of the hospital as other patients from other floors came to have Mariam’s mother pray for them!

May you be blessed with encouragement and hope with these testimonies of what the Holy Spirit is doing.  He is moving!  He is witnessing of Jesus Christ and Muslims are secretly believing in Jesus!  He sitting the solitary in families, bring out of captivity those bound with chains (Ps 68:6).  A great work of God is taking place in that land.  Will you be a part of it?  Join us in prayer for the people of this land.  Come alongside us as the Spirit of God leads you.

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