The Holy Spirit is Moving, Part 2

The Holy Spirit is Moving, Part 2

This is the second of three testimonies of the work of the Holy Spirit in the land in which we have been called.  In the first testimony, I mentioned two brothers in the Lord, whom I call Boutros and Yoannis, who have been stirred by the Spirit of the Living God to share their faith in Jesus Christ with their Muslim neighbors.  The first testimony involved Boutros;  this testimony involves Yoannis.

Yoannis and his wife went to the train station in their village, intending to share their faith with someone there.  Spirit-led, they had an encounter nearly identical to Boutros’.  In the train station about 30 minutes before the train was scheduled to arrive, Yoannis and his wife approached a Muslim woman named Salwa.

Salwa:  “I believe Jesus Christ died on the Cross.”

Yoannis:  “You do?  Why did He die?”

Salwa:  “To save us from our sins.”

Yoannis:  “Are you Muslim?”

Salwa:  “Yes.”

Yoannis:  “Where did you get this information?”

Salwa:  “From the (satellite) TV.  I believe it.”

In a crowded train station, Yoannis and his wife shared more about Jesus Christ with Salwa and led her in a sinner’s prayer to receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.  Having so prayed and received, Salwa got on the train and vanished into the night.  The Father (John 14:26) and the Son (John 15:26) sent the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to testify of Jesus Christ (John 15:26).  He came alongside (“with” in John 14:16-17) and then in (John 14:17) Ali (Part 1) and Salwa (Part 2) with the same simple testimony.  They believed the testimony of God and He gave them the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Praise the LORD!

Let us rejoice in the mighty works of God the Holy Spirit in even the most difficult places on earth.  The land into which we have been called is becoming new…stirred and quickened one life at a time.  Please pray with us.  Please be a part of what the Lord is doing!

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