Teaching and feeding children in a nation at war

Teaching and feeding children in a nation at war

While we persevere with licensing with the Government, the ministry to the children continues to be nurtured in an incubator, if you will.  A young Christian woman energetically teaches 40 elementary aged children from impoverished families who otherwise would not be receiving any education.  She teaches math, reading, writing, and crafts.


We also provide daily snacks and one warm meal with protein (chicken) per week for those children.  That one warm meal is the only meal those children eat all week that includes a meat.


The prince of this world has circled the Middle East.  ISIS is determined the over-throw all Governments of the Middle East and to make Sharia Law the law in the entire region.

Please pray:

  • for the people of the Middle East in a life-and-death struggle with ISIS.
  • for the “pariah” children of the Middle East.
  • for our seemingly endless task of getting licensed with stable Governments.
  • about financially participating in the feeding of the impoverished children entrusted to us.
  • for our teacher of those children.


Every child matters and every day counts.

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