Starts and Stops and Marching

Starts and Stops and Marching



My most sincere apologies for the lapse in Updates since my last Post.  The reality is that the political confusion and turmoil in the Middle East has frustrated any forward progress.


The Middle East is financially fragile and vulnerable.  Order is now replacing lawlessness but confusion remains.  With each subsequent regime comes new rules and regulations;  each reigning power has rescinded all agreements made by the previous power.  Thus, we have started and stopped repeatedly with each regime change.  We are now awaiting the election of new leaders and the establishment of his regime.


Another constant all this while has been the deterioration of human rights – religious freedom and freedom of speech.  Those who stand for these things are viewed as anti-Government, regardless of the regime (all of which are paranoid).  This makes for an environment that can be navigated only by the Lord of hosts.


He is Who we follow so we continue to march.


We have needs in the land and we have needs in the work of ministering Love to the abandoned children of the Middle East.  We need:


  1. Prayer for the legal/political situation in the Middle East
  2. Prayer for the encouragement of our brethren in that region
  3. Volunteers here to assist with administrative and communication tasks
  4. Finances for the work in the region
  5. Finances for the work with the children


We covet your prayers.  We ask that you march boldly into our Father’s Throne Room to pray for the grace and mercy to help in our time of need to do this work.  We ask that you pray about coming alongside to help, in accordance with the leading of the Lord.


Exceedingly abundant blessings to you all,


Pastor Doug

Rev 3:11

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