Psalm 150:6

Psalm 150:6

A Still Waters Ministries Update has been a long time in coming;  Sept 13 was the last one.  The Lord Who neither slumbers nor sleeps has been very busy.  I have been holding back in sharing intentionally, awaiting a wonderful Praise The Lord.  There is much to share.



Land Development


Please refer to Updates dated 4/19/10 and 6/6/10, in which I briefly mentioned an amazing ministry to which the Lord led us to help design the children’s home and campus.  The US-based ministry opened a field office in Cairo a little over a year ago.  We shared the vision the Lord had placed on our hearts with the manager of the Cairo field office.  The Lord touched his heart and he sent us a Project Application to complete and submit.  This morning I received their Project Approval Letter!


This ministry, which I choose to leave nameless for security purposes in Egypt, has committed to send a team of 9 to 12 architectural and engineering professionals (Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Agricultural) to the land for approximately nine days.  These engineering professionals will volunteer their time, resources, and skills to create a Master Plan Design for the campus and a Detailed Design for Phase 1 of this long-term project.  Upon completion of the nine days in Egypt, these professionals will return home to create the blueprints, if you will, which will be handed over to local builders to guide construction.


PTL, PTL, PTL!!  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!


In addition, per their acceptance letter, “After the first phase is constructed, we will gladly partner with you for the long-term with future teams as you fulfill your vision and complete future phases of construction.”


The engineering team converging on the land leads me to…



Next Trip to Egypt


…our next trip to Egypt, which is scheduled for the first two weeks of February, 2011.


The mission of the trip is:


  1. To give design input to the engineering team


  1. To provide/facilitate decision-making for the many decisions that will have to be made while the team is there


  1. To conduct a Pastors and Leaders Conference for the underground evangelical churches
    1. To teach the Inductive Bible Study Method
    2. To model IBS through the teaching of 1 Thessalonians


  1. To minister to the underground churches in Egypt


I will be accompanied by a skilled brother in our fellowship to assist me with items #1 and #2 above.  The fellowships of Calvary Chapel Apache Junction (AZ) and Calvary Chapel Coolidge (AZ) have graciously offered their pastors to help with items #3 and #4 above.  Additionally, The  Joshua Fund ( has committed to provide us valuable Arabic resources for the pastors and leaders, as well as precious prayer support.


The teaching conference will be attended by 80 or more of our beloved brethren in Egypt (they have already confirmed!).  The economy in Egypt is depressed.  Food prices have increased 25% over last year and show no sign of slowing.  In other words, our brethren need “partial scholarships” of $75 each to attend the conference.  Calvary Chapel Ahwatukee has pledged 20 such scholarships, as has Calvary Chapel Apache Junction.  Therefore, we are in need of another 40 scholarships.



Prayer House Status


Our Egyptian brethren are working to put a roof on the Prayer House and to install windows and doors.  Work has also begun to build a fence around the property and to dig a well.


I long to attach photos of the house, but none of the brethren there own a digital camera  (cell phone cameras are inadequate to overcome the image transmission hurdle to the States).




Prayer for Table Crumbs


Clearly, the Lord is working on behalf of the children in Egypt.  The world and the fullness thereof belong to Him.  I know He will provide for every work He leads.  Our role is to get on our face and pray…and follow by faith.  In the scheme of the Lord’s things, we are merely asking for bread crumbs from the Master’s table.


Crumbs to pray in:


  • 40 Conference scholarships
  • Digital camera
  • 2ndhalf of land purchase ($20,000, due in February 2011)
  • Construction costs Phase 1
  • On-going monthly expenses





A word of encouragement.


The Lord showed us His vision for the children of Egypt in July 2008.  As a fellowship, we said, “Here we are, Lord, send us.”  From that moment to the present, our church has known suffering.  Please understand what our suffering is, and what it is not. 


Our suffering is not the judgment of God because we are not in His will;  Job’s friends are wrong.  Our suffering is because we are in the will of God.  He walks a path of suffering and we follow.  He has overcome the world but we are still in it, battling the father of lies, the accuser of the brethren, the deceiver, and the destroyer of men’s souls.  The battle is intense and relentless, the battle belongs to the Lord.  “It is finished!”


Jesus’ victory makes us more than conquerors, makes us indomitable – cannot be subdued or overcome, invincible, unconquerable.  (Rom 8:37;  John 16:33;  1 John 5:4-5;  1 John 4:4;  Rev 21:7;  Rev 2:7, 11, 17, 26;  Rev 3:5, 12, 21;  2 Cor 10:3-5;  Eph 6:10-18;  Deut 1:30;  Deut 20:4;  2 Chron 20:1-25).


There will be more suffering in the future…and a glorious blessing to follow!  Let us not ever get weary!



Pastor Doug

Is 19:19-22

1 Cor 16:9

Eph 3:20

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