Please pray and fast: truck, wall, and the enemy

Please pray and fast: truck, wall, and the enemy

We covet your prayers and fasting for the following needs:

1.  The Almighty’s hand in resolving the truck licensing issue so we may again use the truck.  “Peter” is not afraid to use it, knowing his life is in God’s hands.  And the security situation with this new Government is far better than it’s predecessors’.

2.  The Good Shepherd’s leading regarding the fence/wall.  Some believe a fence of trees will be sufficient, others do not so believe.  There is also an issue of not being able to practically use the well to water the trees until we can secure the equipment to pump the water….

3.  The Lord would bind the enemy who so fiercely resists this work.

If you have been praying with us and watching this ministry for a number of years, let me offer an interesting perspective.  Given the 4 changes of national Government, we find ourselves in our progress as if this year was 2011.  Our time and our lives are in the Lord’s hands.

May the Lord richly bless you as you come alongside us!

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