The work of Still Waters Ministries is a work of faith...and a daily spiritual battle.  Prayer Requests and Ministry Updates are posted in this Newsletter section. To receive notification of a Newsletter post, please Subscribe below.  Your prayers are coveted for and essential to this work.

Another Miracle

For your prayerful consideration:     What next in Egypt   What happens next in Egypt?  Only the Lord knows…and He will show us in His timing.  At this point in time, for whatever it is worth (this and $5 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks), I think the following are possible:   1.  More of the …

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Psalm 150:6

A Still Waters Ministries Update has been a long time in coming;  Sept 13 was the last one.  The Lord Who neither slumbers nor sleeps has been very busy.  I have been holding back in sharing intentionally, awaiting a wonderful Praise The Lord.  There is much to share.     Land Development   Please refer to Updates dated 4/19/10 and …

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Still Waters Ministry

A great evil oppresses women and children in Egypt.  Due to extreme poverty, death of a parent, divorce, outright abandonment, and/or Common Law marriages, there are approximately 2,000,000 homeless children under the age of 16 years living on the streets in Egypt.    These “street children” are despised by Egyptian society, parents, the police, and business owners.  Abandoned to fend …

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