God’s hand of protection

God’s hand of protection

This testimony is about God’s amazing protection, often times completely invisible to us.


We are blessed with a courageous warrior to work the Government licensing process and to work the land upon which we will build a children’s home.  His name is Peter.  We are also blessed with a very good work truck for the work in the land.


A year and a half ago, the truck registration was completed incorrectly with transposed numbers in the VIN  (Vehicle Identification Number).  Due to the mismatch of the VIN on the truck and the VIN on the paperwork, the Government would not license the truck for our use.  So it sat while Peter worked the issue.  Once again, the Government has stifled progress on this simple issue.  Peter, not known for his patience, grew increasingly frustrated as time slipped away and government clerks dragged their feet.


Recently, one of the guards we employ on our land committed a crime.  The police came after him and he fled.  We hired another guard, named “Abdul.”  Peter was working on the land and established a trusting relationship with Abdul.  One day Abdul asked Peter why he was not using the truck and why he had not used it for many months.  Peter had not said a word to Abdul about the truck so, naturally, he interrogated Abdul about his knowledge of it.  Abdul was honest with Peter and told him that a local gang, who knew the original and now fugitive guard, had seen Peter using the truck and had decided to murder Peter in order to steal the truck.


Why were numbers in the truck’s VIN transposed on the licensing paperwork?  Why had government clerks so maddeningly dragged their feet in correcting the paperwork?  Because the Lord God Almighty was protecting his son!


By the way, now that the government is cracking down on criminals who ran amuck for years, we expect the Lord to release His truck for use again.  Once it is safe to do so.


ALWAYS trust the Lord.  Never think He does not know or care about the situation you are facing.  He knows more about it than you do!


Please pray for God’s continued protection of our valiant warrior Peter.

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