Given the political realities of the last post, we are re-directing our efforts in the region.  We are going to start farming the land.

To deter the criminal element in the area, we had hoped to build a perimeter fence to protect persons and property during construction of the home.  However the Government’s decree mentioned in the last post had brought that effort to a complate standstill.

But the Lord does not stand still.  He has moved us to start farming ths land while the political confusion in the Middle East gets clarified and ordered.  Farming the land to be as self-sufficient as possible to feed the children that will be occupying the home has always been a major component of our operating plan.  No license is needed to farm the land one owns.  The yield of the land may even provide some capital needed to complete the fence.

Please pray for fruitful crops and protection from thieves/vandals.

Pastor Doug

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